WhatsApp Says It’s Not “Permanently” Banning Users From Its Service, Just Blocking Third-Party Clients

facebook-whatsapp-screen Quite a few reports circling the web this week appear to indicate a tightening up of WhatsApp’s policy toward the usage of third-party WhatsApp client applications. That is, word has it that those using an unofficial app will be banned from WhatsApp for life. However, that’s not exactly the case, WhatsApp explains. In fact, there’s been no larger policy shift since we… Read More

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: MWC And The Future Of VR

gadgets150306 This week, John and friends ventured off into the land of Mobile World Congress to check out the latest and greatest that mobile has to offer. The Galaxy S6 was finally unveiled, but it was actually HTC that surprised us with a new VR headset preview. We veer off on various tangents throughout, so as usual, this podcast is a bit like a box of chocolates. We’re also trying out a… Read More

Of Course Comcast Subscribers Can’t Stream HBO Go On The PS4

comcast-ouroboros HBO Go finally hit the PS4 this week bringing the online streaming service to the best selling next-gen console. But of course it doesn’t work with Comcast. Why would it? HBO Go hit the PS3 last year and Comcast subscribers still can’t use the service. Comcast tells TechCrunch that their subscribers have many other ways to access HBO on other devices. A spokesperson points to the… Read More

US Marshals Sell The Last Of The Seized Silk Road Bitcoins

bitcoin-eagle US Marshals have sold the last batch of 50,000 seized Silk Road bitcoins at auction after a surprisingly quiet sealed bidding process. The USMS has not announced the name of the winner of the entire collection of bitcoin but VC Tim Draper has been quietly buying these seized coins for the past year.
The auction marks the end of one of the oddest US auctions on record. When the Marshals… Read More

Photobucket Raises $3.6 Million, Plans To Acquire A Mobile Photo-Sharing App

photobucket Denver-based Photobucket, one of the web’s older brands which offers a photo and video-sharing service online and on mobile, has closed on $3.6 million in new funding, an SEC filing reveals and the company confirms. The additional capital is part of a larger, still-in-progress round, which sees the photo sharing service seeking around $8.1 million in new funding. Listed on the… Read More

Publishizer Is A Crowdfunding Solution That Connects Authors With Publishers

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.32.30 PM As a seasoned self-published author with an excess of one book under my belt, I’ve been looking for new and interesting publishing tools for indie writers. Recently I found something called Publishizer, a crowdfunding system just for books. While I’m not entirely convinced it’s the way to go for new authors, it does seem like a compact and focused solution for getting your… Read More

The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved

watch-orange1a Over the course of investigating the Apple Watch, I’ve spoken to several sources who have spent extended time with it. There are a lot of interesting details, some of which we’ll get into. But, by far, the biggest recurring theme is how little you use your iPhone once you have one. After these discussions, it seems certain that the Apple Watch will shortly be the primary way you… Read More