Readbug Wants To Be Spotify For Indie Magazines

Readbug Readbug’s pitch to its target indie magazine publishers is the chance to increase their digital reach without having to do any extra work or spend any extra money themselves. And its pitch to hipsters is all-you-can eat access to their favorite aspirational reads for a Spotify style monthly fee. Read More

Upthere’s Beta Users Have Uploaded More Than 3.5M Files

15018665331_78cb92ddd9_k Upthere launched their first apps into beta last week, and so far the beta period is off to a good start, the company tells me. No word on how many users have slipped through during the beta, but I’m told that invites are being slowly doled out. Over 3.5 million files have been uploaded to Upthere, which aims to be your personal computer in the cloud. Once your files are there,… Read More

Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

20151119_152349 If you didn’t pre-order the new consumer version of Samsung Gear VR, you might have some difficulty finding it on your favorite online shopping destinations.
Amazon and Best Buy, both places that have been touted as having a supply of the virtual reality accessory are showing “temporarily out of stock” and “sold out online” messages respectively.

Best… Read More

Money For Nothing For Everyone

automated-voluntary “There is something more powerful than the brute force of bayonets: it is the idea whose time has come.” And so last weekend I visited the Basic Income Createathon–held, appropriately enough, at Brigade in San Francisco–to witness the early stirrings of a movement whose central goal may seem strange and radical … but which I expect to eventually transform the life… Read More

Gestures Are Defining Apple Watch

pasted image 0 Instead of the touches and swipes that power most of our screen-based computing devices, many of the core Apple Watch capabilities — like checking the time — are powered by gestures. The use of gestures as a user interface may seem like a novelty to many, but, from the research we did over the last six months, it’s a game changer — a lot of the data and insights we… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Will Take Two Months Off From Facebook For Paternity Leave

zuck1 Mark Zuckerberg, the face of Facebook since the company’s founding back in 2004, will be taking a few months off for paternity leave.
News of his time off comes by way of — no surprises here — his Facebook. Read More

Voter Is Tinder For Politics

 As we approach election season the average person is probably confused by the plethora of candidates. Should you vote Trump? Hillary? Dr. Fantasmus the Libertarian Cyborg? Voter can probably tell you. This app is basically a swipe left/swipe righ…

Ex-TechCruncher Launches Y Combinator’s “Not News” Publication The Macro

The Macro There are plenty of tech blogs. But The Macro can go where no blogs are allowed — deep inside the Hogwarts of startups, Y Combinator. Mixed in with unmentionably candid advice and embarrassing tales of failure meant only for the ears of YC’s founders and mentors are stories worth spreading beyond the accelerator. Read More