What Pinterest learned in two years working on its search engine

New pinterest search filter About two years ago, Pinterest launched a different flavor of search engine called Guided Search. Instead of relying on deep data on the user, it would create a network of related topics that users can dive deep into. The idea being that a search like “iPhone” would net additional categories, like “design,” “hardware,” and such. Now Guided Search is about… Read More

Twitter, Facebook Suit Up for UEFA EURO 2016

UEFA EURO 2016 kicked off Friday with host France’s 2-1 win over Romania, and Twitter and Facebook have soccer fans covered through the tournament’s final July 10.

Why Facebook’s Moments Is the No. 1 Free App on the iTunes App Store

Facebook’s stand-alone Moments application, which was received tepidly, at best, suddenly found itself at No. 1 Friday on the iTunes App Store list of free apps, but there’s a catch.

The future of the IoT job market

Internet of Things IOT Since the dawn of technology, we’ve been afraid of technology eliminating our jobs. Look at the birth of the steam engine. When it was invented in the late 1700s, people believed its arrival signaled the end of manual labor and thousands of hardworking individuals would be out of jobs. Instead, it created completely new jobs in new industries. Nearly 250 years later, in a world defined… Read More

What to expect at Apple’s WWDC keynote

apple-wwdc-20150411 Apple is about to kick off its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Monday. As usual, the company will get things going with a good old keynote filled with secret and not-so-secret announcements. Here’s what I expect to see.
A good chunk of the conference should be about iOS and OS X updates. Usually, Apple showcases some of th Read More

The PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ is real, but Sony won’t show it at E3

PlayStation 4 In an interview with the Financial Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and global chief executive Andrew House confirmed that the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ is real. But don’t expect to see it next week at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. House has said Sony doesn’t plan to unveil it at E3. Read More

Researchers pack massive amounts of data into a stream of light

srep27674-f4 If you’re hungry for a little holographic data storage and transfer this morning have I got a flapjack for you. Researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg have packed 100 times more data into a light stream by using a pair of holographic Spatial Light Modulators to encode and decode transmissions. Their paper, which has been published in Nature, details a… Read More

Videos Can Now Be Added to Facebook Comments

Videos are everywhere on Facebook, and they can now be included in one more place: comments and replies to posts from users, pages, groups and events.