The OnePlus 2 Returns With Another Indie Phone Powerhouse

OnePlus 2 On Shelf If you’ve been out of the Android game for a while you’d be hard-pressed to understand why people love OnePlus so much. These phones, conceived by the folks who initially launched Oppo, are aimed at the Android connoisseur, if such a person exists, and they have a rabid fanbase of folks who clamor for units with every launch. It’s hard to find them, you’ll probably… Read More

Android Wear Device Supports iOS, Per This Pre-Order Page

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.31.10 AM Apple Watch not for you? The Amazon preorder page for the Huawei Watch states that the device will support iOS. Now, at this point, it’s unclear if this is a typo or unreleased information — let’s hope it’s the latter. So far iPhone owners have had a limited amount of smartwatches to choose from, say just the Apple Watch and Pebble devices. Likewise, there are dozens… Read More

Aging2.0 #30in30in30 World Tour Wants To Find The Best Startups For Seniors

seniors shutterstock Consumers in their twenties to early fifties are usually considered the most attractive age demographic because of their spending power. Unfortunately, this means that older people are often underserved by companies even though they make up more than 16 percent of the world’s population. Aging2.0 wants to change that. Read More

Vine ❤️ Music

vine-music Vine, the six-second looping video app from Twitter, has today announced a significant feature update that brings more attention to the audio in users’ videos. Starting tomorrow (Friday), Vine users will have more control over their vines with the ability to add music to their content. While it was previously possible to add music to vines by using a separate device to play the music,… Read More

Remember That Time That Company Changed That Thing?

Hisssssssssss People don’t like change. We just don’t. Especially when it comes to our favorite sites or apps. When you move our cheese we get confused and angry. In fact, Facebook can’t do anything without a group of people raging about it.
Sure, change isn’t always bad, but in the case of these 10 situations, it was pretty bad. Read More